Community Impact

Football Stadium Brick Sale

Proceeds support the RAM Victory Club

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Club shall be to facilitate capital improvements for athletic programs and facilities of the Holt Public Schools.

Why buy a brick? The funds raised by the sale of these bricks will assist the Holt Public School District in providing Holt students with state-of-the-art athletic facilities. All proceeds from brick sales will be directly used to fund the enhancement and improvement of the Holt School District’s facilities.

What do you get? You get to play an important role in Holt Public School’s athletic history by buying a brick. These bricks, which come in two sizes, will be arranged and displayed in a patio area outside the Holt High School Football Building.

Examples of Bricks at the Holt Football Stadium

Each line of text is 14 characters including spaces. The smaller bricks ($50) are 3 lines of text. The larger bricks ($100) are 6 lines of text. On the larger bricks, you have the option of using 2 lines to accommodate larger type as in the example above (see: “J-NICE.ORG”).

If you’d like to pay by check, please complete this form and select “Offline Donation” then mail your check to Holt Community Foundation, 6419 Beecher Rd, Flint MI 48532 and mention that the donation is for a brick. Thanks!

Deb Roeske Community Impact Award

The Holt Community Foundation conveys the Deb Roeske “Community Impact” award each year to the individual who makes the biggest impact in the Holt community during that calendar year.  Here are our recipients:

  • Maria Steibel (Class of 2017; attends Grand Valley State University)
    • Maria was instrumental in establishing “Jason’s Room” at Holt High School!
  • Tadiwa Chiduma (Class of 2017; attends Michigan State University)
    • Tadiwa joined the Holt Community Foundation Board of Directors after he received the inaugural Community Impact award!
Deb Roeske presents a $500 check to Maria Steibel and Family