TC25 Baseball Game

Saturday, Aug 17, 2019 – Start: 10a


2019 Baseball Shirts
  • $25 Suggested donation for alumni baseball game
    • That amount is symbolic as Taylr Cochran wore #25
  • Anybody that played baseball in Holt at any level is welcome!
    • “You could have played Jr. Rams and still come out!”
    • “You could have played Parks and Rec… still come out!”
  • BP-style pitching, all fastballs, with pitching screen
    • May have designated all-time pitcher
    • All batters start with a 1 ball, 1 strike count
  • Cookout during the game!
  • Click here for 2019 Facebook Event
  • Click here for 2018 Facebook Event

2018 Alumni Game Players

  1. Keith Allen
  2. Scott Cochran
  3. John Girdwood
  4. Don Cochran
  5. Scott Curtis
  6. Brian Fournier
  7. Casey Adams
  8. Joseph A. Corr
  9. Steve Coon
  10. Nolan Coon
  11. Kyle Brooks
  12. Jason Langham
  13. Eric Trojanowicz
  14. Kurt Ballard
  15. Kirk Ballard’s son
  16. Brandon Forster
  17. Brian Sweet
  18. Travis Sweet

2018 Maybe List

2018 PUP List (Physically Unable to Perform)

2018 Fans

$75 Suggested donation for golf outing (individual)

$150 Suggested donation for golf outing hole sponsor

$300 Suggested donation for golf outing team

More is welcome!  Or, you can play in the alumni baseball game for free no questions asked (but, you must still register and check “offline donation” below).

Donations are not required, but encouraged.  Of course, you can give more if you want!  It really helps.  Important: If you are bringing cash to the event, you still need to register.  Please click “Offline Donation” (which doesn’t require any credit card) and still register.

  • Same weekend as Holt Hometown Festival
  • Same day as Holt Community 5K/10K/1 Mile Fun Run
  • Next year, we hope to join with Grand Ledge Alumni for an inter-city game!
  • All equipment and supplies provided by the organizers
    • Scott Cochran ’88: hot dogs (also bringing net, table, chairs, and canopy to the Holt Hometown Festival); PA system
    • Keith Allen ’99: all equipment (baseballs, catcher gear, etc.), grill, extra shirts, water jugs (also bringing radar gun to Holt Hometown Festival); and the very important bathroom key
    • John Girdwood ’97: shirts, plates, napkins

2017 Alumni Game Registrants

  1. Scott and Joye Cochran
  2. Keith Allen
  3. John Girdwood
  4. Kory Foote
  5. Brian Fournier
  6. Brandon Foster
  7. Matt Allen
  8. Kirk Ballard
  9. Jeremy Baragar
  10. Joey Corr
  11. Michael Looney
  12. Jim Lopez
  13. Brendan Diamond
  14. Don Cochran
  15. Charlie Alana
  16. Carlos Berroa
  17. Ryan Foorman
  18. Brian Fournier
  19. Casey Adams
  20. Jordan Beachnau
  21. Robert Houser
  22. Devan Reed
  23. Mitchel Thurston
  24. Chris Steer
  25. Brendan Diamond
  26. Lucas Matthew
  27. Aron Micale (could not attend)

2017 Alumni Game Supporters

  1. Melinda Sanders Allen
  2. Ben Bakken
  3. Kortnie Hewitt
  4. Anissa Stubig VanLiew
  5. Peggy Reed Anderson
  6. Ryan Anderson
Taylyr Cochran Memorial Brick