The Holt Community Garden Club is focused on improving the environment where we live, work, and play. This means maintaining a natural and beautiful landscape. The Holt Community Garden Club raises funds through donations in order to pay for some of the expenses associated our garden projects (e.g. mulch, tools, etc.). Come join us for some fun and healthy activity outside! Thank you to every gardener and donor!

Recent Events!

Thank you to teachers Lisa Weise and Hannah Cappelletti for getting students engaged in the Fall Cleanup of the High School Memorial Garden!

Holt Garden
Holt Garden
Holt Garden

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The “Garden Club”

The Holt Community Garden Club is open to ALL AGES and we encourage volunteer gardeners at every level to come sweat a little and join in the fun of gardening! Even if you don’t have a “green thumb” we can still put you to work with a shovel! No registration is needed.


  • Aug 17 (Thursday) 6p-8p Holt Jr High School Mums planted, weeds pulled!
  • Aug 21 (Monday) 11a-2p Holt High School 40 Students spread mulch!
  • August 26 (Saturday)
    • 9a – noon at Horizon Elementary School
    • 9a – noon at Holt High School Main Campus Mums planted, weeds pulled!
      • At high school only if we can get mums for the stadium area or the other small beds at the North Campus
  • August 31 (Thursday)
    • 6p-8p at Midway Elementary School
  • September 7 (Thursday)
    • 6p-8p Holt Junior High School
  • September 14 (Thursday) The Ritters and 2|42 are helping out!
    • 6p-8p Elliott Elementary School (Julie B. is team lead)
  • September 23 (Saturday) Brian G. and the Girl Scouts are helping out!
    • 9a – noon at Holt Junior High School (Ryan B. is team lead)
    • 9a – noon at Dimondale Elementary School (Mark P. is team lead)
  • September 28 (Thursday) Brian Griffin, Joye and Karissa are helping out!
    • 6p-8p Holt High School Memorial Garden (John G. is team lead)
  • October 26 (Thursday) 15 high school students (and John G) are helping out!
    • 230p-430p Holt High School Memorial Garden (Teachers Lisa Weise and Hannah Cappelletti are team lead)

Current Need: “Site Leaders”

The Holt Community Garden Club needs Site Leaders to manage specific gardens in our community. Generally, our sites are our public school campuses.

JUNIOR HIGH: The South side of the Junior High has been clear cut, anything outside of the garden beds has been removed. The front is also good. What is needed there is sumac and overgrown shrubbery trimmed or removed from between the building wings. Like between A hallway and B hallway, and the area outside the cafeteria. There is an inner courtyard what also needs work as the Jr NHS has sometimes taken that on as a project but, not on a regular basis. The biggest thing there for now is the trimming and Mulch, mulch, mulch.

DIMONDALE: Has a whole lot of people pitching in and Mark is worried they may not have enough projects or enough age appropriate projects there. He has met with the new principal once and will do so again to make the best use of the man power. They may end up with some painting and other things.

ELLIOTT: looking good on the outside, a few more plants for some of the back planters, removing some Poke weed by the fence, and start on the interior courtyard projects will be the name of the game there. Eventually, we need to find a group (church, scout or other) to take over the clean up/ refurbishment of the Elliott outdoor class room.

Julie is in progress with Kathy Waldron to paint rocks for a dry stream bed in the Elliott Courtyard. The Cub Scouts are going to build a small foot bridge going over it into an area with ferns, hostas and other “prehistoric” looking plant matter and they will place dinosaurs in there, and another area will be a fairy garden. Leaving space for eventual veggie beds by the existing greenhouse and lots of picnic tables and green space for reading or doing lessons outside.

WASHINGTON WOODS: They so appreciate the efforts given at Washington Woods this summer and the birdhouses are really cool! They’d love to have one on each classroom window eventually!

Earlier this week, Principal Walt applied for a Lowe’s grant for a garden project in each of the courtyards, where the art teacher would have stduents paint stones to fill two flower beds shaped as “W.” We are awaiting what Lowe’s can provide, but thought this might be an area HCF has expertise in supporting as well. MSU intern Damon Harris, who also has access to volunteers as a residence assistant at MSU, will help. He and Dr. Girdwood might coordinate as projects are carried out around the district.

FUND RAISING: We are mulling over ideas for a mulch fundraiser. Julie’s dream would be to order like 75-100 yards over a 6 month period and have everything weeded, then heavily mulched.

All interested volunteers should contact either of the following individuals for more information about how to become a site leader:

  • Julie Bureau (Holt Public School Board Member)
    • Send email to
  • Dr. John Girdwood (Holt Community Foundation)
    • Send email to

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Thank you to our donors!

Golden Gardeners ($300 and above)

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Thank you to our volunteers!

We want to especially thank the volunteers from the 2|42 church in Okemos. Those individuals are frequently found in our photos from the events!

Did you know…

95% of educators who use school gardening in their curriculum report that school gardening enhances student learning (DeMarco, Relf, & McDaniel, 1999)

Many teachers indicate that school gardens are useful “for environmental education (97.1%) and experiential learning (72.9%), and 84.3 % of teachers said that related activities enhanced student learning” (Skelly & Bradley, 2000)

Holt Community Garden Club
Holt Community Garden Club

Past Events

Saturday May 13, 2017

2017-05-13 Holt Junior High School Garden Volunteers

Saturday June 24, 2017

2017-06-24 Holt North Campus Garden Volunteers

Many more photos can be viewed on our social media pages

Saturday June 24, 2017

2017-06-24 Horizon Elementary Garden Volunteers

Priority Locations (2017)

  • Hope Middle School: front of the school and sign area
  • Sycamore Elementary: sign and front entrance garden
  • North Holt High School Campus: front entrance garden
  • Holt High School Memorial Garden: courtyard

Site Leaders and Volunteers Needed!

All interested volunteers should contact either of the following individuals for more information about how to become a site leader:

  • Julie Bureau (Holt Public School Board Member)
    • Send email to
  • Dr. John Girdwood (Holt Community Foundation)
    • Send email to

The Holt Community Foundation is a 501c3 licensed as a non-profit in the State of Michigan. Donations can be mailed to: Holt Community Foundation, 6419 Beecher Rd., Flint MI 48532. Contact Dr. John Girdwood, Executive Director of the Holt Community Foundation, any time by calling (774) 473-9663 or sending email to