About the Garden Club

The Holt Community Garden Club is focused on improving the environment where we live, work, and play.  This means maintaining a natural and beautiful landscape.  The Holt Community Garden Club raises funds through donations in order to pay for some of the expenses associated our garden projects (e.g. mulch, tools, etc.). Come join us for some fun and healthy activity outside!  Thank you to every gardener and donor!

Purchasing Plants and Signs

The Holt Community Garden Club prefers that you contact or (774) 473-9663 to discuss purchasing a plant or sign.  We can usually get plants and signs donated.  We also strongly encourage you to have us purchase the sign(s) and plant(s) because we can maintain quality and uniformity in the garden which helps it look great!  We purchase our signs from a local Michigan company ( and usually buy and install the “Large Square Garden Sign” with four rows of text included.  Please contact the Holt Community Foundation if you would like a plant or sign installed somewhere!

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2018 New Project!

Our new goal: Plant 1,000 tress in 10 years!  Our initial considerations…

  • Photograph before and after (annually, long-term impact)
  • Plant bigger trees, if possible
  • Coordinate with Holt Public facilities department
  • More shade and less mowing!
  • Potential “Request Tree(s)” online submission form (e.g. teachers and sport coaches or fans)
  • Problem issue: Raking of deciduous trees (Are pines better?)

More information coming soon…

Thank you donors!

  • Dorothy Balgrove
  • Mark and Jacqueline Perry
  • Mark and Leigh Kraushaar
  • Lois Woll
  • Mark Troisi
  • Deb Worden

Thank you volunteers!

  • Christy, Genell, and Brownie Troop 30347
  • Campus Life – Holt
  • Haydon H. and Rhonda M.
  • Macie R. and Family
  • Dalia and Danica Harris
  • Joye and Karissa Cochran
  • Bob and Valerie Girdwood
  • Dayana A.
  • David L.
  • Brent D.
  • Wyatt R.
  • Brandon M.
  • Julie J.
  • Jamie H.
  • Sean H. (Junior High)
  • Mark Troisi

And, everybody else not mentioned here!