For official rules, see below. The majority of players on each team must be over 16 years old. This is an adult basketball tournament for charity.


WINNERS will get trophies and t-shirts!

RUNNERS-UP receive t-shirts!

1st Place Trophies!

Charity Event

This year, in addition to supporting the Holt Pop-Up Pantry, we will be supporting the Holt Rams Varsity Baseball Team. Jason and Coach Keith Allen were classmates and teammates at Holt and shared a wonderful friendship for years. It is an honor to raise funds to help the baseball team this year in Jason’s memory.


Watch our favorite band, the Dead Lennies!


Click here for our flier or view it as an image below!



Refs – provided by Refs ‘R Us – and event volunteers can eject any player or any fan at any time. 

Starting the Game 

  • Games will start promptly at the time indicated 
  • If a team is not ready, other team receives +2 points for every delay up to 1 min (Ref discretion) 

Point Structure 

  • Games are played by 2s and 3s with free throws counting as 1 point. 
    • Free throws occur on all shooting fouls 
    • Free throws occur on all fouls during final 3 minutes of play 
      • If winning team is fouled during this time, they cannot stall 
      • Winning team must shoot free throws immediately (Ref discretion) 
      • If winning team stalls on free throw (after warning), losing team gets +1 point 


  • 25 minutes 
  • No stoppage 
  • No halftime 

Final Minute 

To avoid “stalling” and delays by the winning team during the final minute, here are the rules: 

  • Overtime: If the game is within 9 points (i.e. 3 possessions) during the final 1 minute of play, the Ref will institute a 90-second overtime period if the following happens… 
    • Winning team is fouled 
    • Winning team is dribbling to stall (with or without losing team fouling them) 
  • Example: Team A is winning.  Team B fouls them with 55 seconds left.  Ref immediately blows whistle and indicates “overtime added!”  Team A stalls on their free throws, clock continues to run, and the buzzer sounds.  We add 90 seconds to the clock with CLOCK STOPS (in overtime). 
    • Caveat 1: If both courts go to overtime, we run overtimes separately, so clock can stop. 
    • Caveat 2: Refs will warn any team who stalls during regulation “Stall Warning” and then if team continues to stall, will add +1 (point) for every stall violation (after warning). 


  • We use manual “flip style” scoreboards but an electronic running clock for both courts 

Game Play Guarantee 

  • All teams are guaranteed to play 3 games in tournament play 
  • This is tournament play, not double-elimination