2018 Holt Scholarship Winners

2018 Holt Scholarship Winners
2018 Holt Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all scholarship recipients!

Craig with Bailey and Rylee Anderson

The Craig Anderson Memorial Scholarship began in 2011, the summer after he passed away from a short battle with cancer.  Craig’s three sons – Chad (Jeri), Paul (Nicole) and Ryan (Kailyn) – and his wife Peggy were motivated to give back to the Holt Community by establishing a scholarship in Craig’s name that would be given annually to a scholar-athlete that represents Craig’s values.  The Anderson Family encourages all graduating Holt High School seniors to apply for the Craig Anderson Memorial Scholarship to support educational progress and achievement.  The scholarship committee looks for varsity letters to show evidence of education and athletic performance.  Grade point average and sports statistics are not weighed more than the effort shown toward all values including family, mentoring, and community support.  The applicant should provide solid evidence of giving back to the community and, above all, pursue a passion to make a difference!  The family raises money for the scholarship fund each year through the Anderson-Cochran Golf Outing.  This annual event is a fun and memorable way to honor the memories of Craig Anderson and Taylyr Cochran.  Many of Craig’s family members are involved every year including sister Sally (Mel) Cook; grandchildren, Kaleb, Bailey, Kendall and Rylee; and step brother, Rich (Colleen) Bratschi.

Family, Education, Athletics, and Community

As a psychology major at Michigan State University, Craig Anderson learned to analyze the world around him.  He was curious and leveraged an interest in humanity to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  Craig spent endless hours playing catch, shooting hoops, and staying actively involved with his three sons’ lives.  Craig also befriended kids in his neighborhood, many of whom lacked a positive male role model in their lives.  It was common to see Craig shooting hoops in the driveway and acting as an unofficial mentor for these kids.  He also volunteered countless hours as a coach for all of his sons’ teams growing up.  He focused on every member of his team and made each individual feel as though they were the most important part of the team.  His ability to communicate and create positive relationships with these kids went well beyond the playing field.  Many people in the Holt area are better off because Craig was a part of their life and instilled the importance of family, education, athletics, mentoring, and community support.

Craig Anderson Scholarship banner

How to Apply

To apply for any of our Holt Community Scholarships, please visit the Holt High School counseling office and complete the scholarship application packet.  Guidance counselors will help you through the process!

Past Scholars

We are pleased to recognizing the following Craig Anderson Scholars:

  • Spencer Baldwin (2018)
  • Morgan Smith (2017)
  • Bailey Hall (2016)
  • Tara Lierman (2015)
  • Mallory Weil (2014)
  • Emma Webster (2013)
  • Blake Darling (2012)
  • Emily Klauka (2011)