Our Shared Vision

Facilitating community enrichment in the Holt Community through: Education; Equity; Environment; Health; Research; and Creativity.


The Holt Community Foundation will unite individuals and groups who seek to improve the social environment for all who live, work, learn, and play in our community. Our supporters will conduct charitable activities built on the pillars of equity, inclusion, and enrichment. We will engage community members in the benevolent and generous mission to promote the welfare of others.


  • Education: Programs at local schools involving students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators
  • Equity: Inclusion, fairness, and justice for a diverse community
  • Environment: Parks, playgrounds, and natural areas
  • Health: Wellness and mindfulness
  • Research: Knowledge, understanding, and local history
  • Creativity: Music and artistic endeavors


The Holt Community Foundation is a dedicated group of individuals devoted to enhancing the place we all live, work, and play – the Holt Community! Our board members are volunteers serving the Holt Community!  You can find us out and about, in a garden or a gym, on a golf course raising money for scholarships or supporting a local business.  If you see us in public, please come introduce yourself and tell us about the wonderful work that you are doing in Holt.  But, be careful, we might try to recruit you to volunteer for the Holt Community Foundation and it is a guarantee we will ask you for a donation!

The Holt Community Foundation is a sum of its parts!  We are made up of great people who are dedicated to promoting the welfare of others.  Our highly motivated group of volunteers and scholarship winners are the shining stars of our organization.  Come join us!

Deb Roeske presents a $500 check to Maria Steibel and Family
Deb Roeske presents a $500 check to Maria Steibel and Family

The Holt Community Foundation is a non-profit organization registered as a 501c3 charity with the IRS (EIN 81-5136499) and State of Michigan.  Our IRS determination letter indicates our non-profit status began January 11, 2017.  The Holt Community Foundation was incorporated by two Holt High School alumni (Dr. John Girdwood and Charles Hill, IV, CPA) and one Holt Public Schools supporter (Jaime Zerka).  The first Board of Directors was comprised of those three individuals.  We are currently recruiting individuals to form our first comprehensive Board of Directors to confirm our mission and vision.  If you are interested in appointing someone to be considered for the Board of Directors, please send an email to info@holtcommunity.org


Equity | Health | Environment | Education | Research | Creativity