Our Mission

The Holt Community Foundation will unite individuals and groups who seek to improve the social environment for all who live, work, learn, and play in our community. Our supporters will conduct charitable activities built on the pillars of equity, inclusion, and enrichment. We will engage community members in the benevolent and generous mission to promote the welfare of others.

Our Vision

We facilitate community enrichment throughout the Holt Community by supporting:

  • Educational programs at local schools involving students, parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Beautification initiatives at our parks, playgrounds, and natural areas
  • Research and writing activities that create new knowledge or document local history
  • Healthy habits, athletic training, and friendly competitions involving sports
  • Music and artistic endeavors of all kinds including public displays
  • Civil action toward equity, inclusion, fairness, and justice to overcome discrimination

Enjoy your community!


Taylyr Cochran Alumni Baseball Game

AUGUST 20, 2017 at 11AM @ ELLIOTT

Taylyr Cochran Memorial Alumni Baseball Game

  • 7-Inning Baseball Game at ELLIOT Field
  • Anybody that played baseball in Holt
    • “You could have played Jr. Rams and still come out!”
    • “You could have played Parks and Rec… still come out!”
  • BP-style pitching, all fastballs, with pitching screen
    • May have designated all-time pitcher
    • All batters start with a 1 ball, 1 strike count
  • Cookout after the game!

You MUST Register Below to Play in Game

Registration is essential for two reasons: (1) We need to get a head count and (2) Helps raise donations. We recommend a donation of $10 to cover the cost of shirts and hot dogs.

Donations are not required, but encouraged. Of course, you can give more than that if you want! It really helps. Important: If you are bringing cash to the event, you still need to register. Please click “Offline Donation” (which doesn’t require any credit card) and still register. Thanks!

2017 Value: Health

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Billing Details

Donation Total: $5

Taylyr Cochran TC25.org

Further details

  • Same weekend as Holt Hometown Festival
  • Same day/location as Holt Community 5K/10K/1 Mile Fun Run
  • Next year, we hope to join with Holt Softball Alumni
  • All equipment and supplies provided by the organizers
    • Scott Cochran ’88: hot dogs (also bringing net, table, chairs, and canopy to the Holt Hometown Festival)
    • Keith Allen ’99: all equipment (baseballs, catcher gear, etc.), grill, extra shirts, water jugs (also bringing radar gun to Holt Hometown Festival)
    • John Girdwood ’97: shirts, plates, napkins

Players Registered

  1. Scott Cochran
  2. Keith Allen
  3. John Girdwood
  4. Kory Foote
  5. Brian Fournier
  6. Brandon Foster
  7. Matt Allen
  8. Kirk Ballard
  9. Jeremy Baragar
  10. Joey Corr
  11. Casey Adams
  12. Michael Looney
  13. Jim Lopez
  14. Brendan Diamond
  15. Don Cochran

Thank you to our sponsors!

Michigan National Guard (Keith Lane)

Social Media “Going” (Please Register Above!)

  1. Charlie Alana
  2. Joey Cochran
  3. Scott Cochran
  4. Kirk Ballard
  5. Melinda Sanders Allen
  6. Carlos Berroa
  7. Ryan Foorman
  8. Ben Bakken
  9. Brian Fournier (registered)
  10. Jeremey Baragar (registered)
  11. Casey Adams (registered)

Social Media “Maybe” (Please Register Above!)

  1. Jordan Beachnau
  2. Robert Houser
  3. Devan Reed
  4. Kortnie Hewitt
  5. Mitchel Thurston
  6. Chris Steer
  7. Anissa Stubig VanLiew
  8. Peggy Reed Anderson
  9. Brendan Diamond
  10. Ryan Anderson
  11. Lucas Matthew

Regrets (Cannot Attend)

  1. Aron Micale
Taylyr Cochran
Taylyr Cochran
Jason Baragar
Jason Baragar


Holt Community Scholarship banner

How to Apply

To apply for any of our Holt Community Scholarships, please visit the Holt High School counseling office and complete the scholarship application packet. Guidance counselors will help you through the process!

Taylyr Cochran Scholarship banner

Due Date

Scholarship applications are due to the Holt High School counseling office by the fourth Friday in March every year.

Craig Anderson Scholarship banner

About the Scholarships

Giving scholarships to Holt High School students is one of the perks of our movement! We offer $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors every year with the promise to give $1,000 each of the following years (up to four years) as students pursue a college degree.

We offer four scholarships:

  • Craig Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Taylyr Cochran Memorial Scholarship
  • Jason “J-Nice” Baragar Memorial Scholarship
  • Anthony Harris Memorial Scholarship

In the past, we also distributed scholarships in honor of Pamela Woll Neuhauser and Holly Bossenbery. You can help us sustain these scholarships by donating using the form below.

Past Scholars

All donations submitted through this form on this page are “restricted funds” meaning they are designated specifically for education and no other project. If you want to donate unrestricted funds to our general account, please click here.

2017 Value: Education

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Donation Total: $150

Thank you for supporting local education!

If you would like to donate to help support the scholarships, please click here

About the Purpose

Each year, it seems that we get the same question posed to us by student-athletes who are applying for the OMIA Foundation Scholarships in memory of Taylyr Cochran and Craig Anderson. The question is: “What should be included in the Statement of Purpose?” This is a great question and we are glad it is being asked! One of the major reasons that we ask for a Statement of Purpose is to learn more about the applicants but another reason is that it will be helpful to the applicants in their futures. For example, many colleges and universities (especially grad schools) ask for a Statement of Purpose and place a lot of value in what the applicants choose to convey through it. Therefore, the OMIA Foundation Scholarship application can be sort of a “practice run” for future use!

The best Statement of Purpose is going to be an honest and a clear representation of the student’s values. The first thing the student needs to do is be upfront and straightforward about what is important to you! Admissions officers and scholarship committees become frustrated by “cookie cutter” statements that seem too generic. For example, if a medical school values volunteerism in its applicants, it wants to see a really strong, deep commitment to those values. This means that the applicant didn’t just perform as a greeter in a hospital for a few months to make the application look good. A strong commitment to those values would be represented by a long-term volunteer effort where the student experiences real life impact like patient contact hours and physician interaction. In addition, the effort itself is not as important as the lessons learned and life-long impact that the experience has given the applicant. Again, these things need to be clearly conveyed in the Statement of Purpose. Don’t force the committee to try and guess how your life experiences have shaped your values. Be very clear and explain how “experience A” has taught you to prioritize “value B.” This is a good way to structure the statement.

Regarding the values that you write about, they need to be your values and priorities and you should not just line up your interests with that of the organization just to gain acceptance or approval. Again, the committees can smell a phony from a mile away. You need to think about your own values first… and, then decide how your value systems aligns with the organization. With that preface, here are some things that the Craig Anderson Scholarship Committee values:

Family, Education, Athletics, Mentoring and Community Support

As a psychology major at Michigan State University, Craig learned to analyze the world around him. He was curious and leveraged an interest in humanity to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Craig spent endless hours playing catch, shooting hoops, and staying actively involved with his three sons’ lives. Craig also befriended kids in his neighborhood, many of whom lacked a positive male role model in their lives.

It was common to see Craig shooting hoops in the driveway and acting as an unofficial mentor for these kids. He also volunteered countless hours as a coach for all of his sons’ teams growing up. He focused on every member of his team and made each individual feel as though they were the most important part of the team. His ability to communicate and create positive relationships with these kids went well beyond the playing field. Many people in the Holt area are better off because Craig was a part of their life and instilled the importance of family, education, athletics, mentoring, and community support.

The scholarship committee looks for varsity letters to show evidence of education and athletic performance. Grade point average and sports statistics are not weighed more than the effort shown toward all values including family, mentoring, and community support. The applicant should provide solid evidence of giving back to the community and, above all, pursue a passion to make a difference!


If you want to make a positive impact on your community, it will show in your application! This is why you need to be honest and up-front about all the ways that you value family, community, education, athletics, and similar priorities. The scholarship committees are going to read a lot of application packages from student-athletes who exceed in a single area. For example, many applicants have high GPA. But, we’re looking at the whole picture. What do you value? What sets you apart? What is your passion and purpose? If you can clearly express the answers to those questions, you will write a wonderful Statement of Purpose.