The Holt Community Foundation will unite individuals and groups who seek to improve the social environment for all who live, work, learn, and play in our community. Our supporters will conduct charitable activities built on the pillars of equity, inclusion, and enrichment. We will engage community members in the benevolent and generous mission to promote the welfare of others.


We will facilitate community enrichment throughout the Holt Community by supporting:

  • Education: Programs at local schools involving students, parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Environment: Beautification initiatives at our parks, playgrounds, and natural areas
  • Research: Writing activities that create new knowledge or document local history
  • Health: Activities, training, and friendly competitions involving sports
  • Arts and Music: Exhibits of all kinds including public displays and concerts
  • Equity: Inclusion, fairness, and civil action toward justice to overcome discrimination


We believe “philanthropy” covers a much broader spectrum than just financial support. We are a grassroots organization built from collective, cooperative movement toward one goal – improving the community. This means that volunteers are as important as monetary donations! If you would like to promote the welfare of others with us, please consider volunteering or donating to the Holt Community Foundation today.


We believe “community” exists in two interconnected forms – structural and cultural. Communities are groups of people who share something in common. Community members can have a structural connection like place of residence. For example, everyone who “lives in Holt” is part of the structural “Holt Community.” Community members can also have a cultural connection. We define culture as a shared set of norms, values, and beliefs. Our values are: education, environment, research, equity, arts and music. If you share our values then you are part of our community!

OMIA Foundation

Sister Organization

The Holt Community Foundation was built on the philanthropic work done through the OMIA Foundation. Founded in 2007, the OMIA Foundation seeks to “Enhance the Lives of Students by Expanding the Scope of Learning.” The first board members of the Holt Community Foundation were highly involved with the OMIA Foundation but that work was limited to educational enrichment. Five individuals – Girdwood, Zerka, Hill, Bort, and Anderson – formed the Holt Community Foundation to extend the existing OMIA Foundation values to the rest of the Holt Community.

Community Partnerships

We value what is already being done in our community by other organizations and want to highlight the great work that they do! We support the following groups and institutions that mirror our values:

The Holt Community Foundation is a 501c3 licensed as a non-profit in the State of Michigan. Donations can be mailed to: Holt Community Foundation, 6419 Beecher Rd., Flint MI 48532. Contact Dr. John Girdwood, Executive Director of the Holt Community Foundation, any time by calling (774) 473-9663 or sending email to